How Kellogg’s, Motorpoint and Volkswagen made the nationals: Our top 5 campaigns of the week



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Work in PR/marketing and need some campaign inspiration? Every week we round up our favourite campaigns of the week and this week we have seen brands like Kellogg’s, Motorpoint and Volkswagen make headlines. Here’s what they did:

Motorpoint reveal how filthy the inside of your car really is

Last year we at Branded3 launched our very own ‘Under the Microscope’ style campaign which explored how dirty London’s public transport is – gathering bacteria swabs from inside London buses, inside Uber and black cabs in our capital and across the whole underground too. One year on, and car supermarket brand Motorpoint have done something similar, but on a slightly smaller scale revealing the dirtiest areas of your vehicle.

To do this, they firstly conducted a survey which revealed Brits are pretty bad at keeping on top of the cleaning when it comes to the interior of their car. They then took samples from within cars to see how bad it really was under the microscope.

The data revealed that your boot is in fact the most bacteria riddled area of the car and here’s an image to prove it:

Motorpoint bacteria

Image source: Motorpoint

They pushed the data to press and so far it has achieved placements on the Daily Mail and The Sun to name a few.

Despite it being one of our favorite campaigns this week, one thing it did lack is more information regarding what germs were found. Not only that, but this campaign is an opportunity to create a really nice piece of content on site for Motorpoint – maybe something interactive with tips on how to clean your vehicle etc.

You can find more information on the campaign via their blog post here.

Motorpoint - bacteria in vehicle

Image source

Kellogg’s partner with Simon Cowell and launch an edible vinyl record

Ever heard of a boy band called PrettyMuch? No, me neither! But apparently they are Simon Cowells newly launched teen boy band who were recently nominated by iHeartradio for the Best Boy Band of 2018. To celebrate the release their new song ‘Hello’, they’ve teamed up with Kellogg’s and revealed a record made of chocolate frosted flakes.

Kellogg’s record made of frosted chocolate flakes

Image source

Fans who registered with PrettyMuch in advance will be sent the new edible album and will have the chance to meet the band in person at Kellogg’s NYC café.

Take a look at their YouTube channel to find out how to make your own edible vinyl:

Harper Collins launch deliciously scented bus shelters – making you hungry as you head home

Publishers Harper Collins have launched their new vegan cook book from online duo Bosh! And to promote it, they installed a scented bus shelter on Tottenham Court Road which targets hungry consumers as they head home on their way from work.

Harper Collins' bus stop

Image source

Their digital billboards look so good that anyone that walks past can actually smell it!

Volkswagen launches phone cases made of car wrecks to prevent road traffic accidents

Volkswagen have launched an international creative campaign which highlights the dangers of using your phone whilst driving. To remind people of the danger, the car brand has created 153 unique phone cases made purely of crumpled metal from cars and are selling them online via The 153 cases produced represent one for each serious accident that has occurred in Sweden since the new law was enforced.

The Brand Manager at Volkswagen says “We believe a phone case made by damaged vehicles will make you think twice before you pick up your phone. It will be a silent reminder to keep focus on the road and not multitask whilst driving”.

All profits will be donated to the work of Swedish “Trafikskadefonden” to help people that have been in traffic accidents.

Sneakers made from recycled gum

The amount of gum left on streets after being spat out on the floor is huge! 3.3 million pounds of gum make it onto the pavements of Amsterdam each year and that costs the city millions of dollars to clean up. To reduce waste and litter, city marketing organization Lamsterdam, designer Explicit Wear, and sustainability company Gumdrop have collaborated to design a sneaker made of recycled gum from the streets.

Pink sneakers

More information on the campaign and product can be found here.

If you launch a campaign – don’t forget to send us your work and it may feature in our weekly roundup. Drop me a tweet at @CarrieRosePR


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